2019 Fall Accessory Trends

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Since we've transitioned into fall, are you wondering what jewelry trends are going to finish your fall look? Well, no more wondering! I've done some research and narrowed down the top jewelry trends the fashionistas are raving about! 
1.    Let's start with Pearls. For decades, pearls have been a sign of royalty and class. Mostly worn on special occasions, pearls have evolved in shape, color, and metals. Nowadays, pearls are more like a feminine accent with a twist. You can now glam up your fall outfits with pearls daily.
2.    Statement earrings; are bold, oversized, blingy, and popping. You can catch most celebrities like Cardi B, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga on the red carpet with statement earrings. You also may see your favorite designers featuring statement earrings on the catwalk in New York on Millan. Statement earrings give your fans something to talk about. 
3. Chain links take you back to the 80's-90's era when rappers like Salt and Pepper and LL Cool J rocked the stage in their thick gold chains. Well, the trend is back with a modern twist. You now have chain link jewelry options like chokers, layers, earrings, and so much more! So in my Salt and Pepper voice,” Chain links are back in effect, so push it,” right over to our boutique! 
4. Anklets! Remember when you could only wear anklets in the warmer months (eye roll.) Well, things have changed, so when you are rocking your stylish ankle slacks, cute sweater dress, colorful tights, or your fun cute socks, you can layer your anklets on top. Check out designer Givenchy fall trends for anklets. 
5. Bracelets are always trending in my eyes, but creating arm candy has given your traditional bangles, wrap bracelets, or urban style bracelets a new look. The arm candy trend allows you to mix, match, and stack patterns, metals, colors, and styles to align with your uniqueness. 
I hope you enjoyed our first blog post!  Check out some of our fabulous, affordable accessories below.






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